Resort fire overnight sends owner to a hospital

Multiple agencies were called to the scene of a fire at the Lakeland Resort in Aurora around 1 Sunday morning. Marshall County dispatch tells us the building was fully engulfed, but fire crews were able to get the fire out.

The owner of the resort, who had moved in ten days ago, was burned and life-flighted to Nashville. The young man’s name and condition has not been released. 

Aurora-Ross Fire Chief Ricky Sirls said two people who were staying at the resort  woke up to the sound of the fire.

"They came out, saw the fire, called 911, and then found him at the window, trying to get out," Sirls said.

Sirls said they busted out the window to help him get out.

He says they don’t know what started the fire, but that the fire marshal will continue his investigation on Monday.

"It was a hot fire. If they had not got him out it would not have been good," Sirls said.

The chief says the dry wood in the old building most likely added more fuel to the fire.

"The fire was already through the roof, probably 30 feet in the air," Sirls said.

He adds that as they were fighting the fire, the wind kept pushing the flames to the neighboring roofs, and if they hadn’t put it out in time it could’ve quickly spread to the other homes. However, the heat was enough to melt plastic blinds on the inside of some of the homes.

Sirls says crews woke everyone up in the complex and moved them to the Aurora-Ross Fire Department to keep them safe. Their focus now shifts to treating the man who almost didn’t make it.     

"Just wait and see how the gentlemen we life-flighted out is doing," Sirls said.

Sirls says 30 firefighters from Aurora-Ross, Hardin, West Marshall, and Fair Dealing battled the blaze until 6 Sunday morning. 

Most of the people staying the Lakeland Resort are working on the Eggners Ferry Bridge including the two people who rescued the man.     

We wanted to interview them, but we couldn’t because they still went to work this morning.

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