Gov. Beshear presents $1.5 million for Paducah Riverfront Redevelopment Project

A $1.5 million check signed by Kentucky Gov.Steve Beshear will help the city of Paducah redevelop its riverfront. The money will help the city pay off an $8 million contract to build a gangway leading to a transient dock and to expand Schultz Park.

"Sometime in the not-too-distant future you’re going to have another tourist destination right here in Paducah." Beshear said. 

A $1.5 million check will give the city the push to turn it’s long-awaited vision for the stretch of land into a reality.

"I’m hopeful that this investment will give the impetus that Paducah needs to build on what it’s done and get it across the finish line. Let’s get this riverfront done," Beshear said.

The city is paying part of an $8 million contract to build a gangway and dock and to expand the park through grants and federal funding. The governor’s investment just about cuts the $3 million the city still owes in half. City commissioner Allan Rhodes, who was originally the lone vote against the project, says this is a step in the right direction for the entire riverfront.

It all has to come together, and that’s all part of it, and that helps us get it together," Rhodes said.
The governor worked with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to find leftover funds that cabinet has set aside for waterway projects. He then matched that amount to come up with the $1.5 million.

The city says this is part of a larger plan that will transform the riverfront with a public park, landscaping, plazas and a pavilion.

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