Neighbor shocked to hear ex-classmate killed his parents

The first court appearance for a man accused of murdering his mother and father ended almost as soon as it began on Wednesday.

It was a tense hearing for the victims’ family, who saw Thomas McRoy for the first time since his arrest. He was on a video conference call from the jail.

Police say McRoy shot and killed his parents in Miner, Missouri. Larry and Roxann McRoy’s bodies were found last week in the Mississippi River near Dorena.

One neighbor says it was devastating to find out two people were killed just a block away from his home.

"It was a big shock," says Codi Rolwing. "Just something that big of a deal, both parents."

Rolwing has lived in his Scott County home for about nine years. If you go out into his backyard and peer through the crack in the fence, you’ll see the home where the McRoys were murdered.

"What would make you go that far to doing something, not just to one but to two," says Rolwing.

Even more disturbing: Rolwing says he knew the man who was arrested for the murders. He and McRoy graduated from high school together in 1997. They didn’t hang out in the same crowd, but they knew each other.

"Somebody that I know does something that extreme," says Rolwing. It was shocking for Rolwing. He says McRoy didn’t seem like the kind of person who was capable of killing his parents.

"I don’t know what’s been going on with him to make him want to go that far to do something," says Rolwing.

That’s a question that’s been on everyone’s mind.

A Scott County judge set Dec. 23 as a preliminary hearing date for Thomas McRoy. He’s charged with two counts each of first degree murder and armed criminal action.

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