Search continues for 22-year-old Williamson County woman

Investigators need your help finding a woman missing since last weekend in southern Illinois.

Neighbors say they last saw 22-year-old Jeannie Schuur stumbling and falling into a ditch twice Saturday morning along San Francisco Road. Family alerted the Williamsom County, Illinois, sheriff’s office three days after they realized she was missing.

A couple of people approached Capt. Brian Thomas with information Wednesday, but nothing led to Schuur’s rescue. Nothing came of the K9 search, which Thomas told me spanned 50 acres. The sheriff’s office later said an aerial search for Schuur also yielded no results. Black Diamond Aviation helped the sheriff’s office, flying a search pattern that covered the area between Reid Station Road and Crab Orchard Lake, from Route 13 to Cardinal Road, but with no luck.

Thomas also told me he suspects Jeannie is okay, but says they’re behind on this investigation. “She was seen here 7 o’clock Saturday morning, but then they don’t report her missing to us until Monday night, so we’re already three days behind,” Thomas added.

Thomas says he has no reason to suspect any foul play at this point. He says until he finds her, he won’t be able to determine whether she was abducted or if she just doesn’t want to be found. Her family and friends are just as confused. They say this is unlike her, but say they’ve heard that she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.     

Her friends say Schuur parties and it was pretty common for her to stay with friends for a couple of days at a time, but not calling her mom is just unlike her. 

Anyone with information on Schuur’s whereabouts is asked to call the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at 618-997-6541.

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