Using Science to Harvest a Trophy Buck

BURFORDVILLE, MO – Harvesting a trophy buck isn’t easy.

“There’s things that factor into catching the biggest buck, luck being one of them along with patience and time in the stand, says Jason Stephens”

Stephens, an avid deer hunter also uses science.

“There is a science involved, whether people realize it or not.”

Let’s start with the weather, while a degree in meteorology is not required, knowing the weather before hunting, helps.

“You are going to want to hunt the wind pattern you are going to want to hunt so the deer can’t smell you.”

Stephens and I recently spent the morning in a deer stand.  He says, deer use their sharp senses to detect and escape from predators.

“The big key is motion, you know just sit still, says Stephens”

A deer can detect the slightest of movement.  As for their sense of smell?

“Their smell is leaps and bounds higher than humans.”

And the science doesn’t stop there.

“Whether that science is better bullets for your gun, whether that science is in better optics or better attractance or better scent elimination type products, there is science all over the field of hunting, says Stephens.”

Which means, your chances for harvesting a trophy buck will only get better, and you can thank science.

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