Sheriff says wife stabbed husband multiple times, killing him

Preliminary autopsy results are in for the man found dead on the front porch of a home in New Concord, Kentucky.

Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger says Walter French, 51, was stabbed multiple times, but it was the wound to his chest that killed him.

Steger says the assailant in this case is French’s wife, Laura French. She also received injuries, but Steger says hers were most likely defensive wounds, which is why they haven’t made an arrest.

"Based on the situation that we had when we arrived and based on the defensive type wounds that we witnessed on her, we just thought that it’s best that we not arrest anybody at that immediate time," says Steger.

Steger says they went to the house Monday night for a domestic disturbance complaint. The 911 call was made at a neighbor’s home, the place where Steger says Laura French went after the altercation with her husband.

"We’ve had a lengthy history of domestic violence between the two," says Steger.

Steger says, unfortunately, they dealt with the couple on a daily basis.

"Any time that someone dies at the hands of another, it’s a homicide," says Steger. "It’s just a matter of whether it is a justifiable or not, homicide."

That’s what they’re trying to determine right now.

Steger says in these types of cases, he tries keep an open mind and lets the evidence speak for itself.

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