I Am Local 6: The Bee Barn creates buzz about honey and beekeeping

When someone hears the buzz from a bee, they run in the other direction. But, for The Bee Barn, it’s a sweet sound.

The sweet honey is what you find inside The Bee Barn in Paducah. It’s all manufactured by thousands of workers on site —the six-legged kind.

"If a bee lands on you, don’t swat at it. Just brush it off with you fingers," said Chuck Collins.

Chuck Collins checks in on how his hives are doing by first blowing smoke into the hives.

"The smoke tells the bees their house is on fire. Then, they gorge on the honey, and it’s the honey that calms them down," said Collins.

Hidden among the worker bees is the queen bee, keeping the hive alive. The worker bees are all females. Being a beekeeper, getting stung is part of the job. The reason a beekeeper wears a veil is because when a bee feels like a hive is threatened, it will go straight for your face.

"There are two absolutes of beekeeping: One, you’ll get stung as a beekeeper, and two, your bees will die at some point. That’s nature. That’s what happens," said Collins.

During the summer, bees work themselves to death, resulting in a life span of six weeks. They can survive all summer long, producing 20 to 300 pounds of honey, depending on the size of the hive. One thing we all can depend on is the sweet result that goes on the shelves of The Bee Barn, along with all the supplies you need to get a hive started.  

The Bee Barn is one of the few suppliers in the region without having to travel out of state. They provide all the equipment needed for you to start your own hives. You can purchase honey or many honey-based products. The Bee Barn uses the wax from the honey to create candles and ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree.

For more information on The Bee Barn, you can visit their website or you can visit The Bee Barn on Facebook.

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