Group looks to improve student grades, teacher efficacy

A local group has targeted our area as one of 40 cities nationally where they can improve teacher success.  

As long as he can remember Wallace McCoy says he has known what he wants to do in life.  "I want to major in corporate law with a minor in business," said McCoy.

However like many of his peers, the Paducah Tilghman junior says his dream seemed nearly out of reach.  "Some people just need extra help and they don’t have that person to help them or push them in that support group," said McCoy.

McCoy says volunteers like Sheila Smith-Anderson, who has been a teacher since 1972, were there to help him raise his grades.

Smith-Anderson says it simply takes commitment.  "I want to be a volunteer,” said Smith-Anderson.  “I want to be an able body to help a child.  I want to help somebody read.  I want to help somebody do math.  I just want to be a listener and a friend to a kid."

That extra help has McCoy close to realizing his dream.  "I’d like to go to Murray State, the University of Kentucky, Louisville, and maybe Hampton University or Old Dominion University," said McCoy.

Now he’s positioned himself to have his pick of schools and scholarships.

If you would like to volunteer to help students like McCoy get over the hump click here.

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