Police investigating vandalism to Christmas decorations

For more than two decades Bill Greenfield has turned his front yard in Mayfield into a winter wonderland.

"A lot of people appreciate it and thank us for it," he said.  However, for the past two weekends, someone – or a group of people – is targeting his decorations and ruining his display.

"We’ve tried to patch a lot of it up but it’s been impossible," Greenfield said.  More than 12 inflatables were punctured, including slashings to Santa and a snowman.

"It’s the thought that bothers us.  It’s really the thought and destroying Christmas and what it stands for," he said. 

Mayfield police are taking notice. "It’s disheartening when you have someone that just doesn’t understand the effect that it can have on others."

Sgt. Brian Adams said he knows of two other homes that were hit, including the Greenfield’s neighbors.  He doesn’t know if the cases are related, but urges homeowners to be on the lookout for any grinches.

"If you see someone after dark walking down the street or in your subdivision that doesn’t look right, don’t hesitate to call the police," Sgt. Adams said.

Greenfield will continue his Christmas tradition, but doesn’t think Santa is too happy with those who think this is a quick laugh.

"I don’t think Santa Claus is going to want to come see them," he said.

Charges of criminal mischief could be filed if anyone is arrested.

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