Kentucky boy dies after he was stabbed in his bedroom

A community is mourning tonight after learning a six year old boy was stabbed to death in his sleep.

Police were called to a home in Versailles, Kentucky, just before four this morning.

Officers say Logan Tipton was asleep in his room when 32-year-old Ronald Exantus entered the home, grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and stabbed Logan multiple times in the head and neck.

Neighbors say they’re heartbroken.

"I just can’t imagine how those parents feel. They’re the same age as me. I went to school with both of those parents," neighbor Tiffany Bourne said. 

 Police say they cant find any tie between Exantus and the family.

He’s also accused of attacking Logan’s two sisters.

Logan’s dad was also hurt while fighting with Exantus. The Associated Press reports the father detained Exantus until police arrived. 

Exantus’ bond is sent at $1 million. 

The preliminary hearing has been set for Dec. 14.

 A vigil for Logan  is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Falling Springs Recreational Center.

There is also a Gofundme page to help the family cover funeral expenses. To visit that page, click here

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