State funding comes through for domestic violence programs, including Carbondale Women’s Center

Many people around Illinois are feeling relieved Tuesday after Gov. Bruce Rauner signed off on funding for certain state programs.

The governor released funds for the motor fuel tax, authorized paying out lottery ticket winners, and funding 911 services and domestic violence programs. For the Women’s Center in Carbondale, this renewed funding will be will be what keeps the doors open to abuse victims for good.

The rooms at the Women’s Center where victims stay are quiet, but Director Cathy McClanahan says staff members have been buzzing all morning, thrilled at knowing their funding is coming back.

"I got chills. I was at the point where we were facing many cuts in hours and trying to figure out how we’re going to keep our organization going. And hooray!" said McClanahan.

McClanahan says the timing  could not be better.

"It’s very difficult when you’re looking at the holidays, and you’re wondering if you’re going to keep people employed and keep the needs met of the people who need our help," McClanahan said.

Thanks to funding lawmakers passed Monday night, the doors at the Women’s Center can now stay open.

"It may take them a while to get caught up, but as long as we have some revenue coming in, that will help us to be able to keep our doors open,” McClanahan said.

She says since the state budget funding cutoff in July, the center is now $133,000 in debt without its grant funding from the state. She says it’s desperate to have revenue coming in again.

McClanahan says funding won’t be what it used to be, however. She says the funding lawmakers passed Monday is only for domestic violence programs, not for the sexual assault services the center and others like it around the state provide.

She says that, with the promise of funding coming in, they plan on keeping both programs going strong.

For more information on the Women’s Center in Carbondale, click here

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