Local hospital receives national baby friendly certification

If you’re an expectant mother, you might want to prepare for a change once you get to the delivery room.

Memorial Hospital in Carbondale, Illinois, recently became the first hospital in the Local 6 area to receive a baby-friendly designation by keeping kids out of the nursery and under the watchful eye of their mothers.

When Jenny Ting had her first child at Memorial Hospital 13 years ago, she admits she was nervous about more than being a first-time mom.

"I was like ‘Where is my daughter? Is she getting a bottle without me knowing? Is she getting a pacifier?’" said Ting. “They were taking care of her."

When Ting’s first two children were born, they were put in bassinets and shuffled off into the nursery. Now she loves that her newborn son Samuel has stayed in the room with her 24 hours a day.

"I was able to immediately learn his cries because each baby is unique,” said Ting. “You have to learn why he is crying, what he needs, so I picked up on it instantly."

Pediatricians Dr. Lukasz Dabrowski and Dr. Anna Little say Memorial’s baby friendly process allows more skin to skin time and for mothers to start breast feeding sooner.

"The majority of the problems as a pediatrician that we deal with stem from the fact that maybe the baby wasn’t breast fed long enough, and we start formula a little too early," said Dabrowski.

"We see a lot less babies who aren’t gaining weight and are being readmitted for jaundice and things like that,” said Little. “It makes that transition to home a whole lot smoother."

The follow-up program allows nurses to make sure both mom and baby are happy and healthy once they return home.

Both Lourdes and Baptist Health Paducah have similar programs, but they haven’t received national baby friendly certifications because the baby leaves the room for testing.

If you want to see a full list of baby friendly hospitals nationwide click here.

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