Loved ones hear from Erica Hagan’s colleagues in day two of murder trial

Colleagues of a west Kentucky woman murdered in Chile testified on Monday as the trial entered its second day.

Twenty-two-year-old Erica Hagan of Murray was found dead in her apartment in Chile in 2014. Domingo Cofre is accused of murdering her. Police say he was a security guard at the Chilean school where Hagan worked.

A computer screen is the closest thing Barbara McCormick has to answers.

"This is my granddaughter, and I feel like I’d be letting her down if I didn’t do all I can do," McCormick said.

McCormick has been watching the trial online since Friday, because the trial is happening thousands of miles away.

"I love my granddaughter very much. I don’t want to know how she suffered, but I don’t want to not know either," McCormick said.

On Monday Hagan’s colleagues took the stand, describing how they knew her and explaining what they knew about her daily routine. Translators, including Anna Tobey, have been on hand to walk McCormick through the trial.

"I just can’t imagine losing your granddaughter or someone you love, and she was doing something good," Tobey said.

Tobey says she volunteered after seeing an article about the murder posted on Facebook that mentioned a need for translators.

"It’s what we should do as human beings is help each other out, especially in a time of such difficult trials," Tobey said.

McCormick hopes for justice and maybe some closure.

"I’ll never go a day without thinking about her," McCormick said.

Both parties are making their cases to three judges, who will decide on a verdict. On Monday you could see the witnesses, prosecutors, and attorneys from the computer. Cofre was never shown, and it’s not clear at this point if he’ll take the stand.
The trial could take up to two weeks. McCormick says she’ll be watching every day, if she has a translator or not. Translators are still needed for Hagan’s family. If you’d like to volunteer to help translate the trial for Erica’s grandmother, you can email Erica’s mother, Regina, at 

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