City gives county deadline on deciding E911 future

Paducah city leaders took what they call a necessary step Thursday night in giving the county’s fiscal court three months to decide the future of the city-county E911 agreement.

"McCracken County continues to pursue the idea of outsourcing dispatch operations and has not indicated a set timetable for its final decision on the Kentucky State proposal," Mayor Gayle Kaler said in reading the resolution.

City Commissioner Carol Gault, who sits on the E911 board told Local 6 the city is trying to be as open as possible.  "I have no idea what the county wants to do, but it’s important for us to maintain an open, transparent relationship with them," she said. 

County Judge Executive Bob Leeper calls the three page resolution unnecessary because he plans to meet a March 1st deadline given by the city.  "If there is a perception that we’re not doing due diligence and trying to get to that decision as quickly as possible, that’s incorrect. We’re working hard to do that," Leeper said. 

Before any changes happen to the dispatch center Leeper wants to meet with the state’s police commissioner to discuss how a dispatch partnership with KSP would work – including financing – which he said is expected to save the county thousands. 

"For a lack of a better term, negotiating what we think is fair and what they think is fair and coming to some resolution; what a final number can be," Leeper said. 

To read the resolution, click here

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