Handicap accessible fishing pier dedicated to local fisherman

The first of its kind in a local community. An handicap accessible pier at Wildcat Creek Campground is making it easier for everyone to get on the lake. The pier also has sentimental value for a local family who recently lost a loved one.

Local fisherman Mark Bucy’s family cut the ribbon, officially marking the completion of this new pier.

"It was something he had just had his heart set on that he wanted done," said his wife Tannie Darlene Bucy. 

Bucy never had the chance to experience the pier on Thursday. He died of cancer in April.

"It’s kind of sad, but it’s a little too late that it’s done," Tannie Darlene said.

She says he came up for the idea for a handicap accessible pier after he was diagnosed with cancer.

"Just out of the clear blue, he says we’ve got to have a handicap place in Calloway County for people to fish," Tannie Darlene said. 

He took the idea to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. Program coordinator Paul Rister says they had already renovated the Wildcat Creek boat launch ramp and planned to renovate the parking lot.

"It’s the largest of embayment of Kentucky Lake, in Kentucky. A lot of good bass fishing, so a lot of people come here to fish," Rister said.

Rister said the area would get too congested, keeping people away. Bucy helped Rister advocate to get the project finished.

The new pier is different from others in the area, because the railing and the walkway is wider making it easier for handicap people to get to the water.

"I think he would be very grateful," Tannie Darlene said.

Now a dedication to Bucy hangs on the pier, with the words  "An opportunity for all to fish".

The Tennessee Valley Authority already had the funding to pay to double the size of the parking lot at the boat launch ramp. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife paid for the new pier.

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