Improvements happening at LBL

Land Between the Lakes is seeing several improvements and LBL supporters say they’re excited about the progress. About a year ago, LBL supporters were concerned about commercial logging.

Efforts of the LBL Coalition resulted in the US Forest Service agreeing to zero commercial logging through the end of next year.  It also helped cancel the Pisgah Bay Project – 4400 acres of land that would’ve been commercially logged.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White says the US Forest Service is working with the LBL Coalition.

“The coalition has a seat at the table and Tina Tilley and the rest of the US Forest Service is working with us on all kinds of different ideas,” White said.

 He said the group is glad the Pisgah bay project got scrapped.

“During the past year, one of the things we talked a lot about was the trust issue, and Ms. Tilley said that’s what she wanted to work on and I think that trust is being built,” White said.

The coalition wants to highlight the positive things happening in Land Between the Lakes.

Nature Resource Specialist Chad Ingle says the Hillman Ferry Campground is getting two new shelter buildings, and maintenance work while they’re closed for the season.

“There really isn’t a place like Hillman in the area,” Ingle said.

The campground is also getting a new bridge that Ingle says will cut down on traffic

“Now folks can just hop on over to the basketball court, and the outpost where there’s ice cream, firewood, and other camping supplies,” Ingle said.

Ingle thinks the money campers spend here should be used for improvements like these. Ingle said the Hillman Ferry Campground is the largest in the US Forest Service nationwide with 384 campsites. He said an average campground has about 40 sites.

 “One of the big things that I think is helping is not only with recreation here in Hillman, but also the roads,” White said.

The improvement to some of the roads in LBL and drainage ditches are the results of answered concerns from LBL supporters. White says this type of work is happening on several roads that would get washed out during heavy rains.

He says people are noticing the improvements.

‘They got a lot of roads over here to maintain so it takes a while, but she [Tilley] has stepped that up, been digging for money, for money, so that they could repair the roads. Its tight coming from Washington on how much they can do on the road work. She’s been looking through every avenue she can to make sure there’s money for that,” White said.

The US Forest Service is also working with the LBL Coalition to apply for a grant that would fund work on portions of the north-south trail needing improvements and add areas for water and maps.

White said Tilley with the Forest Service plans to survey land to determine what their needs are based on the type of areas in LBL. White hopes to work with the Forest Service on a new management plan that’s scheduled for 2019.

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Below is list some of the improvements going on at LBL:

Cravens Bay Campground

  • Replaced campsite markers
  • Reworked road drainage for better flow of water in storm events
  • Rehabilitated the current bathhouse by gutting and replacing the interiors completely
  • Will replace six portajohns with two accessible vault toilet buildings in 2016

Wranglers Campground

  • Upgraded underutilized basic camping sites to 50-amp electric camping sites
  • 15 in F Loop
  • 1 each in  A16 and D48
  • Constructed four additional sites with 50-amp electric service: C59, D49, 50, 51
  • Widened road by 10 feet in front of the Outpost building for safer traffic flow
  • Future plans include adding a vault toilet in F Loop and a second water hydrant

Piney Campground

  • Completed various paving projects
  • Reconstructed many campsite borders – ongoing
  • Reconstructed water control ditch at the waste treatment facility

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