Judge denies motions, Keith Griffith to have second trial in McCracken County

Motion denied. Keith Griffith was back in court on Monday. He’s accused of shooting and killing his wife and setting their home on fire. Griffith’s legal team filed four motions in preparation for his second trial in February. They wanted to push the trial date back, and try the case in either Bowling Green or Glasgow, Kentucky.

Judge Tim Kaltenbach denied all motions. Judge Kaltenbach also denied a motion to sequester the jury during the trial and a motion to allow more time to file more motions, but Griffith’s attorney says having all these motions denied puts them at a disadvantage for the second trial.

Griffith’s attorney, Michael Bufkin says he did not expect all four motions to die in court. He says they were disappointed in the rulings. Bufkin says without moving the case to another county, Bufkin doubts if they can even put a jury together.

He says, "when you’ve had so much news coverage- I mean you station covered this somewhere 400 times."

Judge Kaltenbach ruled with one exception. He says he’ll reconsider the motion to move the venue if they can’t choose a jury."

Given the time, documents, and evidence he needs to sort through, Bufkin says this is not the proper way to prepare for a trial. He says the evidence in the second case against Keith Griffith still looks like the first: circumstantial.

The judge did grant the Commonwealth’s one motion about disclosing evidence to the other side. The commonwealth did not wish to speak with me on camera, but lead attorney Raymond McGee told me the last time a motion was granted for a change of venue in McCracken County was in the early 1990’s.

As for if there will be any new evidence brought out in the trial, Bufkin says he’s still working, it’s too early to tell.     

The judge will hear additional motions January 25th.

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