Mild holiday weather affects local business

It’s the first day of winter, but it doesn’t really feel like it. This time last year, we already had our 1st snowfall and wrapped up 3 inches of accumulation. It’s a good thing for shoppers, starting with their electric bills. Many people went out in the shopping craziness wearing t-shirts. But, for many stores in our area, they’re having a hard time selling winter gear and things like heaters.

Christmas is just two days away, but Jessica Gibson and her mom came to Paducah today for some last minute shopping. Kohl’s was the perfect destination for them, too. The store is having a lot of big sales as a part of their extended Christmas shopping hours. And although many of their coats are on sale, their manager says they’re just not selling like you’d think. “I can’t imagine anybody buying a coat at this time, with it being about 50 degrees tomorrow,” Gibson said.

And on Lone Oak Road, Hank Brother’s Hardware is also taking a hit from this warm weather. They have space heaters in the back that are being sent back to the manufacturer. Chuck Hank bought snow shovels and ice melt in bulk hoping he sells as much this year as he did last year. “As a merchant, I like to sell what I bought. As a person in the community, I’d rather have a mild winter,” Hank added. 

So far, December is on track to be the warmers in Paducah’s history with an average monthly temperature of 47.7 degrees.

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