Local business owners step in to replace stolen hospital Christmas tree

A spokesman for a local hospital says business owners are coming to the rescue after a Christmas tree was dug up and stolen from in front of the building. 

On Tuesday, Local 6’s Holden Kurwicki brought you this story, about a blue spruce stolen from the grounds of Franklin Hospital in Benton, IL. Lab manager Judy Courter described the theft, which was like a scene out of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

"Someone took the Tree of Life,” said Courter.  “They actually dug it up and actually took it with the lights."

On Wednesday, Franklin Hospital Business Development Officer Derek Johnson Sr. told Local 6 that Trent Mohlenbrock, owner of Changing Seasons Landscape Center in Marion, Illinois, is donating a blue spruce tree to the hospital.  Johnson said Jimmy Dunagan, owner of Dunagan’s Collision Center in Benton, is going to pick up the tree and plant it.

Johnson said Dunagan plans to plant the tree on Christmas Eve morning. 

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