Protecting your home from Christmas burglars

The gifts are open and the kids are busy playing with the new toys they got from Santa.

Now it’s time to toss out the empty boxes everything came in; but did you know what you do with those boxes could put your home at risk?

"If they don’t do something to secure those boxes well enough, they’re basically just advertising what they have in their home," says Sergeant David Shepherd.

Sergeant David Shepherd from the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department says it’s the time of year when burglars are out looking for those hot items.

"Especially after Christmas because people brag about it and they know what’s in the homes," says Sergeant Shepherd.

Sergeant Shepherd says the best thing to do with your boxes is tear them down and flip them inside out before throwing them away.

"All they’re going to see is the brown inside or the white inside of the box," says Sergeant Shepherd. "They’re not going to see what’s advertised on the box itself. Or, use black trash bags so they can’t see in the bags what you put out by the curb."

He says, if you live in an area where the homes are close together, you could be at an even bigger risk.

"Out in the more rural areas it doesn’t happen as often as in your subdivisions, but again that’s where you can utilize your neighbors to help watch things," says Sergeant Shepherd.

Not a bad idea, especially if you plan on going out of town.

If you don’t feel comfortable tossing your boxes, try keeping them around. They can come in real handy if you decide to move.

Or, bring the boxes to your local recycling center.

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