List of roads Kentucky closed because of water

If you are traveling, be advised of a number of road closures. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has released a list of roads closed because of water in and around the Local 6 area. 

KYTC spokesman Keith Todd notes more rain is on the way and that a flash flood watch is in effect for our area. "Remember to Turn Around, Don’t Drown. As little as 6 inches of moving water can push a vehicle off the roadway or knock you off your feet if you have to get out," Todd said in a news release Monday. "Drowning is the number one cause of weather-related deaths. Let’s all be careful out there."

The National Weather Service released a video earlier this year explaining why it’s important not to drive through roads covered by floodwater. To watch that video, click here

Here is the KYTC’s report so far:

Water Over Road Report

KYTC Water Over Road Report (D1) UPDATE for 11:00 a.m., Friday, January 1, 2016

Ballard County

US 51/US 60/US 62 Ohio River "Cairo" Bridge CLOSED due to floodwaters at US 51 mile point 6 near the Kentucky end of the bridge.

US 51 is CLOSED at the Ballard-Carlisle County Line between Wickliffe and Bardwell

Calloway County

KY 1483 is CLOSED near the 3 mile marker due to a culvert washout. This is along KY 1438 between KY 80 and Elmdale Road. Replacement or repair will be an extended process.

Carlisle County

KY 1820 has water over the road at mile point 1 to 3 and 5 to 6.– Signs are posted.

Crittenden County

The Cave-In-Rock Ferry is CLOSED due to floodwaters over KY 91 at mile point 10.5 near the Kentucky landing.

Hickman County

KY 239 is CLOSED from the 0.0 to 3.753 mile point in Hickman County. This is adjacent to a closed section in Fulton County

Fulton County

KY 1354/Ferry Landing Road at Hickman is CLOSED.

The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is CLOSED due to floodwaters covering the Kentucky Landing

KY 1129/Adams Road is closed from the 4-9 mile markerKY 2140 is CLOSED at the 2 to 4 mile marker between KY 1129 and KY 94

KY 1129 is CLOSED at the 2 to 4 mile marker

KY 239 is CLOSED from the 3.6 to 6.3 mile point in Fulton County. This is adjacent to a closed section in Hickman County

Livingston County

KY 137 is CLOSED at 5.3 to 15mm- signs posted

KY 137 is CLOSED from the 9 to 15 mile marker

Lyon County

KY 819/Sunny Side Road is CLOSED at mile point 2.4 at Panther Creek due to rising floodwaters.

McCracken County

KY 787/Bryan Ford Road in McCracken County is now CLOSED due to floodwaters between the 0 and 3 mile marker near the McCracken-Marshall County Line.

KY 1255/Bonds Road is CLOSED at the 2 mile marker. This section is being used as a detour for KY 348 while it is closed near Hardmoney for bridge construction.

KY1420/Noble Road is CLOSED at 3-4 mile marker

Trigg County

KY 1507 is CLOSED at the 1 mile marker due to high water.

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