County sheriff’s department warns of flooded roads and ‘road closed’ barricades

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department issued a public safety announcement Tuesday about flooding in the area.

The announcement says state highway and county road department crews were out Tuesday placing signs and barricades on roadways in McCracken County to warn drivers about water partially over roadways and to block closed roads. 

The announcement also included information about closed roads in the county, which you can read below. For Kentucky Transportation Cabinet information on road closures in west Kentucky, click here.

Here is the county’s public safety announcement: 

"The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department would like to issue this public safety announcement concerning the recent flooding in our area.

As the flood stages are predicted to increase, more roads may become effected and even impassable due to the rising waters. The Kentucky State Highway Department and the McCracken County Road Department have been out today placing signs and barricades on state and local roadways in McCracken County. These are signs to warn motorist of water partially over a roadway which creates a potential hazard but the road is still passable or to barricade due to the danger of the roadway being completely covered with water and therefore the roadway is closed.

WATER ON ROADWAY – Motorists should use caution in areas where the signs indicate water is possible or on the road by reducing speed and avoiding the water covered portions of the roadway. Seeing these water hazards may be especially difficult during darkness. Driving through the water in these areas at normal speeds could result in loss of control or being pulled of the roadway.

ROAD CLOSED BARRICADES – Roads with barricades have been temporarily closed due to the danger presented by water completely covering that roadway or other unsafe conditions. Inherent dangers on a submerged roadway surface include: loss of reference – unable to see the centerline or shoulders of the road, areas of the roadway may have become weakened or eroded away, other submerged hazards such as mud or debris which could damage or disable a vehicle.

Attempting to drive on a flooded roadway is always an unsafe practice. The capabilities a vehicle are believed to have and or a presumption of how deep is the water should never deciding factors of whether to drive in flooded areas. This could be a life threatening decision if you find yourself stranded in a disabled vehicle, in water deeper than expected, and exposed to cold water and cold air temperatures.

Driving around road closed barricades can also be expensive. Motorist who disregard and drive around “Road Closed” barricades and signs will be cited for traffic violations. Moving signs and barricades or driving with children in the vehicle through these flooded areas can result in criminal charges. Fines, court costs, and towing fees could add up in to the hundreds of dollars.

The following is a list of all the flood water related roadway hazards and closures. Our goal is to keep the motorists in McCracken County safe so please review this list and plan appropriate detours.

Always remember: Turn Around, Don’t Drown.

MCCRACKEN County – state maintained Roads  
KY 131/Said Road CLOSED from the 0 to 1 mile marker.  This is in the Clarks River Bottom area at the McCracken-Graves County Line between Symsonia and Reidland.

KY 787/Bryant Ford Road CLOSED between the 0 and 3 mile marker near the McCracken-Marshall County Line.
KY 996 Water Over Road from 1 to 2 mm
KY 339 Water Over Road from 0 to 1mm
KY 1255/Bonds Road is CLOSED at the 2 mile marker. This section is being used as a detour for KY 348 while it is closed near Hardmoney for bridge construction.

The list below shows the County maintained roads that currently have water over the road.  It’s actually only 3 areas since the last group is all in 1 location in Farley.

Metcalf – from ¼ mile west of Joppa Landing Road to Joppa Landing Road

Lane Road – approximately 200 ft each side of Island Creek

West Hovecamp – between Hummingbird Lane to Bluebird  Lane

Hummingbird – at the intersection of West Hovecamp

Lark –  at the intersection of West Hovecamp

Bluebird Lane – at the intersection of West Hovecamp"

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