Kentucky business preps for flood

An area normally swarming with families is now swimming in water.

"You just can’t prevent it," says Bob Friel. "It’s going to happen when you’re right on the river."

Birdsville RV and Campground sits along the Ohio River in Smithland, Kentucky. When Bob Friel purchased the business 10 years ago, he knew what he was getting himself into. So, when he heard there was a potential for flooding, he got right to work clearing out 27 campers.

"We just got the last two out this morning at about 3 o’clock," says Friel.

On Monday night, the road going through the campsite was visible. Now, it’s covered in water.

"It’s about a foot deep out there," says Friel.

That’s too high to drive a car through. So, with the help of his tractor, Friel heads into the water to save his picnic tables.

"I’ve got about five or six more to get up, and then I’ll be just waiting until the water goes down," says Friel.

Friel says he’s not sure when the campsite will reopen. It all depends on how long the water stays up and the amount of damage it causes.

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