Sen. Paul in Paducah, doing surgery and talking politics

Tuesday’s town hall with Sen. Rand Paul included many hot topics like national security, the federal budget, and Paducah’s gaseous diffusion cleanup site.

Paul talked about poverty and the government’s role in helping those who need it the most. Paul, a presidential candidate, was in Paducah helping a couple of patients without insurance by performing pro bono eye surgeries. In reference to government spending, Paul says “I’m not saying we don’t have the ability to help people, but right now we have gone too far.”

He added that the national deficit should be the country’s No. 1 threat today. He says the reason for the debt is an "unholy alliance" between the Republican and Democratic parties.

Paul said he’s gotten more calls about Syrian refugees than any other issue. He believes the key to locking down security is to make sure foreign students are obeying their visas and that background checks are conducted.

There were plenty of local elected officials there. Judge executives from Marshall and Calloway counties were there. Former Paducah Mayor Bill Paxton chimed in to talk about longer contracts for Paducah’s gaseous diffusion cleanup site. Paul says Paducah is being heard.

Paul told us Paducah “knows the vendor that’s doing the cleanup, and it seems like they’re happy with that. But, it’s for competing purposes. You have to do some bidding to keep the price from going too high."

On his polling as a presidential candidate, Paul isn’t fazed. He says they’re often misleading. He used Kentucky’s governor race as an example. “Everybody had the democrat winning by 5 and the republican won by 8. So, they were off 13 points. I think that shows the science of the so-called science isn’t that great.”

On the possibility of dropping out of the race, Paul says he’s in this race until the very end.

I asked the presidential hopeful about Donald Trump’s lead. He said he believes the people of Kentucky will agree that Trump isn’t what the country needs.

”When he seems confused about what our nuclear triad is, when then the next week he appears too eager to use nuclear weapons, that doesn’t sound like to me somebody you want to be in charge of the nuclear weapons,” Paul said. 

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