Local man working towards donating his 25th gallon of blood

The Paducah Holiday Heroes Blood Drive kicks off Monday, January 4th.  You can start the new year off right by saving a life.

"I think this is as important as breakfast," said Logan Libby, a dedicated blood donor.

Libby is 85-years-old.  He is a familiar face at local blood drives.  So familiar, it’s like family.  Libby started donating blood in the late 1950s and continues to do so as often as he can.

"Doctor told me several years ago I shouldn’t give blood any more.  He didn’t give me a reason, and it didn’t bother me.  It doesn’t hurt so I didn’t listen to him either," said Libby.

The dedicated donor is two units shy of his 25th gallon of blood.  He plans to reach that milestone plus more.

"I’ll probably continue as long as it doesn’t bother me," said Libby.

It’s the helping Libby enjoys.

"I love to help people, and that’s one way you can help somebody.  You never know who it’s going to benefit," said Libby.

You can start the new year off right by giving someone another chance at life.  The Paducah Holiday Heroes Blood Drive is January 4th and 5th at First Christian Church of Paducah, 415 Audubon Drive, from 10 AM – 6 PM.  To schedule an appointment, click here.

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