Lower flood level predictions along Mississippi River a big relief for riverfront residents

Flood levels along the Mississippi are still high, nearing 46 feet at Chester, Illinois. One man living near the river close to Raddle is breathing a sigh of relief Friday.

Dave Heins and his family have lived in the bottoms near Raddle for decades. He says he’s planning to wait out the flood waters from his home, no matter how high the waters rise.

"Those of us that are here can’t leave. We’re pretty much stuck. We’ll just have to deal with mother nature," said Dave Heins, living in Jackson County’s flood zone.

Just a few feet of grass is all that stands between the Mississippi River flooding all of the homes along Highway 3, including Dave Heins’ home.

The National Weather Service on Friday predicts the Mississippi will crest Saturday at 46.5 feet, a much lower number than they originally were expecting. It’s a forecast that’s a godsend for Heins.

"Big, big sigh of relief. It’s tremendous, you know. Because it takes so much more of the strain off of everybody," he said.

With water ready to topple over the levee, Heins says he knows the flood will hit them. But thanks to the lower flood levels, it likely won’t be devastating. He says it’s the best news he’s heard all year.

The Mississippi River at Chester is currently sitting at close to 46 feet, it’s expected to crest at Chester Saturday at 46.5 feet.

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