Sanders campaign says it’s raised $33M since October

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more than $33 million during the past three months in his bid to win the Democratic nomination, according to his campaign. That’s just short of the amount brought in by rival Hillary Clinton during the same period.
Sanders has now collected $73 million for the primaries through a powerful online fundraising apparatus that should help him compete with Clinton deep into spring. His haul will allow him to spend money at a comparable rate with Clinton, who raised $37 million since the beginning of October and $112 million during 2015 for her primary campaign.
The Sanders campaign said it had $28.4 million in the bank at the end of 2015.
Clinton’s campaign, which spent about $75 million during 2015 to build a large data-driven organization, ended the year with $38 million in cash on hand.
Sanders spent about $45 million in 2015.

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