Jeffrey Conrad’s lawyers prepare for murder trial

Jeffrey Conrad’s legal team is preparing for his murder trial. He’s accused of killing Garlon Casey Cox, shooting him in the head. Conrad says Cox was robbing his storage unit in the Reidland area, and shot Cox in defense of a female friend.

Conrad’s legal team has consulted an expert neuropharmacologist —someone who studies how drugs affect your brain and nervous system.

Dr. Jonathan Lipman reviewed Cox’s autopsy, 911 calls, and several interviews. Lipman’s report, which you can read here, says a combination of methamphetamine and other drugs can cause violent, reckless, behavior. Conrad’s attorney, Doug Moore, told me this is an important point when Cox’s drug use was not brought in front of the grand jury that indicted him.

"Jeff’s never said I intended to shoot him in the head, Jeff was trying to stop a threat with this man in a 2,000 pound truck that was aimed right at his friend," Moore says.

Prosecuting Commonwealth Attorney Dan Boaz says they will review the report and file anything they deem necessary.

Conrad’s next pretrial conference is at the end of January.

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