Increase in gun control leads to increase in sales

The attempt to reduce gun violence is increasing gun sales. Monday, shares of Smith & Wesson alone were the highest they’ve been since 1999.

Here’s a closer look at the president’s actions. One expands the background check requirement if you are in the business of selling firearms. Another requires checks if you are buying weapons through a trust or company. President Barack Obama also wants more ATF personnel to enforce current gun laws.

It will be up to congress to grant the ATF a $4 million upgrade in ballistics software. It will also be up to Congress to fund the $500 million to provide more mental health coverage.

It’s a complicated list of actions, and many people are hearing details for the first time.

I spoke to Dottie Jaggers, a new gun owner, who says she doesn’t want guns in the hands of criminals, but she doesn’t agree with the president either. “Our rights are going away at a rapid rate, and I want to be sure I’ve got a gun or two in my house before someone tells me I can’t,” Jaggers said.

Lynn McCutchen, owner of Shooter’s Supply, says that fear of government has been good for business. “A lot of people don’t want to take the chance of being too late,” McCutchen added.

That impulse buying should be handled with caution. That’s why McCutchen and all Shooter Supply stores offer a free hour of training and a month of access to the range. He says he realizes this isn’t protocol at some venues. "A lot of people are not and they don’t care and whoever can come up with the cash, they’re letting them have the gun," McCutchen says. He says expanding background checks to gun shows could make it harder for criminals, but says if they want it bad enough, they’ll get it.

The president’s executive action also calls for an overhaul by the FBI to improve the background check process. McCutchen says that’s a good thing, as he’s seen its occasional bugs.

For help understanding when a federal firearms license is required under federal law, click here

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