Driver’s license will fly until 2018

Good news for travelers: regulations that were scheduled to affect airports Sunday are now delayed until 2018. The Real ID Act changed security standards for drivers’ licenses nationwide, but only a few states were ready to go.

The Transportation Security Administration denied extensions to Illinois in Missouri, so IDs from those states would not have been good enough to board an airplane. 

The TSA was going to grant a 120-day extension to get used to changes. At the end of that period, those people would need an additional form of federally accepted identification, like a passport.

Tennessee was the only state in our Local 6 area compliant with the new regulations. It uses a central office to manufacture the new ID cards and whatever those upgrades include. Kentucky originally had until October 2016 to meet the guidelines, but now it has until 2018.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says its working with the legislature to maybe go the Tennessee route and issue temporary driver’s licenses until a central office mails the new IDs. That’s because there are more than 140 driver’s license locations in the state. 

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