Teen says he didn’t want to harm baby when he put newborn in dumpster

The community was shocked last July when we first broke to you that a newborn was found alive inside a dumpster in Paducah.

The father, 17-year-old Trevon Elmore, says he didn’t know his girlfriend, 15-year-old Casside Cherry, was pregnant until she went into labor.

In a written statement Elmore told investigators, "I saw her pushing. She told me to look. Once I looked, I saw a baby’s head, and I freaked out."

He says, "All of a sudden, I heard a baby whine. She handed me the blanket and told me to give it to someone."

After that, Elmore says Cherry changed her mind and told him to put the baby in the dumpster.

"I really wanted to keep the baby," he said. "I didn’t even know she was pregnant until I saw the head coming out of her. I’m glad someone found the baby. I’m ready to do the time I deserve."

Elmore and Cherry made their first court appearance on Thursday at an arraignment hearing in McCracken County. The two are being tried as adults, charged with attempted murder, criminal abuse and tampering with physical evidence. Both teens say they’re not guilty.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Leigh Ann Dycus says it’s a difficult case, and she’s not taking it lightly.

"This is a sensitive case," says Dycus. "Thankfully, the child survived in this situation and we’re only here on the attempted murder charge. It could have been different."

We did try to find out how the baby is doing, but we were told that information can’t be released.

The parents will be back in court for a pretrial conference on Feb. 15.

If you’re pregnant and feel that you can’t keep your baby, there is help. The Kentucky Safe Infants Act allows parents to drop off their newborn at a safe location, like a hospital or police station, with no questions asked. There are similar programs in Illinois and Missouri as well.

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