Driving in winter weather

Winter weather has hit the Local 6 area and that means slippery roads.

Kentucky State Police wants you to stay safe and has these reminders for driving in winter weather.

Clear all windows and mirrors – having unobstructed vision is vital for time/distance management and to avoid having a collision.

Leave early – allow more travel time; expect some delays as well as temporary road closures. Anticipate normal travel time to be up to five times longer (depending).

Increase distance between vehicles – it takes significantly longer to stop on snow and ice cover roadways.

Use extreme caution on bridges and over passes – also peaks and valleys as well as shady areas typically hold spots of black ice.

Do not use cruise control (or exhaust engine brakes for trucks) – cruise control can cause the vehicle’s wheels to continue turning on a slick surface, hence causing the vehicle to lose control.

Approach intersections with great care – other drivers not paying attention will slide through red lights.

Signal all lane changes and turning movements – for other motorist to react to your anticipated actions.

Troopers also say you should be prepared before you leave. That includes having a full tank of gas and an emergency kit with the following items:
– Blanket
– Cellphone charger
– Flashlight
– First Aid kit
– Bottled water
– Extra gloves, hats, and scarves

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