Kids find relief in school after weeks of fighting flood

While most kids slept in during Christmas break, some local students worked to save their homes and their entire community.

Kids in Egyptian School District in Tamms, Illinois, which surrounds the Len Small Levee, are glad to be back in class.

Every student has that class they love to hate, but Tuesday those classes are a welcome sight for students at Egyptian High School. They spent their break fighting floodwaters.

"It happened really fast, and it rose really fast," said Andrew Tucker.  "We didn’t have much time"

"Nobody wants their house to be flooded," said Rockaeleon Mays.  "To come back here was a relief."

"I helped," said Daneesha Carthell.  "We went around the neighborhood, looked around, and helped people in need."

"We had to boat in and out from our house," said Tucker.

With much of their district flooded, administrators say it was an easy call to cancel school, because kids were learning more fighting the flood than they could learn in the classroom.

"When they get outside of themselves and help their neighbors it gives them a sense of doing something important," said teacher Lori Pinder.  "Normally students that age wouldn’t have that concept."

"Don’t take things for granted," said Carthell.

"I’ll never take things for granted," said Mays.

"It’s amazing to see how grown up they can be," said Pinder.

After two floods in four years, everyone at Egyptian hopes this is a lesson they don’t have to learn again.

There are 506 students is kindergarten through 12th grade at Egyptian, and administrators were happy to report that not a single one was out of school Tuesday because of floodwaters.

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