Apps to help you save, monitor your money

We’re not talking about free money here, but it’s almost free. And by that I mean it’s money you have that you never think about.

Consider the basket or cup you keep on the dresser for spare change. Those pennies and nickels add up, but how often do we go to the trouble to do something with it?

This app, in a way, takes spare change and invests it in the stock market. The app is called Acorns, and it’s perhaps the simplest way for anyone to save and invest. Once you download the app and set up an account, you’re asked to connect credit cards and bank accounts —cards you use on a regular basis.

Then, when you use those cards, the app rounds up the cost and invests the extra. As often as some of us use debit and credit cards, that spare change we’d never think about can add up to a decent sized investment by the end of the year. It’s a fun way to dip your toes into investing.

Acorns says there are around 650­,000 people using the app to invest. The app is free to download, but you’ll be charged a dollar a month for service fees. ­­­

You can keep an eye on what you have now with the app Mint. Connect your credit cards, bank accounts and mutual funds, and Mint puts it all in one place for you to see what’s happening with your money.

It’ll send you a weekly summary of your accounts and send notifications when a bill is due. It’ll set up a budget and warn you when you’re spending more than you should. ­­­­

By the way, if you do win the lottery one of these days, you’ll want to check out the app VIP Black. It’s for millionaires looking for perks and discounts on things rich people buy. The app is one of the most expensive in the app stores at $1,000. Even then, you don’t get any of the discounts unless you can verify you’re a millionaire. ­­­ It is a real app, but I just can’t understand why, if you have enough money to buy a $1,0000 app, you’d want to buy a virtual coupon book. 

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