Educators win Powerball the first time playing

Imagine playing the lottery for the first time and winning big.

That’s what happened to Svetlana Gorman and Katie Hollowell, who are two of a group of 11 employees of McNabb Elementary School in Paducah who won $1 million in Wednesday’s Powerball drawing.

We asked the Tiny Tornadoes group members how they plan to spend their winnings. One says it’s going to allow her to travel to another country to see her grandchildren.

 "My reaction was, I said, ‘Is it really?’ And they said yes!" said Svetlana Gorman, a teaching assistant. "And I said, ‘Oh so good. I’m going this summer to Russia!’"

Another shared her plans, which many people can relate to: getting out of debt. 

 "I have some student loans, so I get to pay those off," teacher Katie Hollowell said. "And then maybe a nice vacation or donate a little bit to charity, something like that."

They don’t have the money yet– but they expect to split it up between the 11 in a few days. Most of the Tiny Tornadoes have spoken to lawyers or financial planners already.

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