Help Wanted: How body language impacts your job interview

Body language during a job interview is important. It could earn you or lose you that job.

CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,500 employers. Here are their answers for the body language mistakes that can cost you the job you want:

1.) Failing to make eye contact: 67 percent
2.) Failing to smile: 39 percent
3.) Playing with something on the table: 33 percent
4.) Having bad posture: 30 percent
5.) Fidgeting too much in their seats: 30 percent
6.) Crossing their arms over their chests: 29 percent
7.) Playing with their hair or touching their faces: 27 percent
8.) Having a weak handshake: 21 percent
9.) Using too many hand gestures: 11 percent
10.) Having a handshake that was too strong: 7 percent

Here are the top five ways employers say you can ruin an interview instantly:

1.) Candidate is caught lying about something: 69 percent
2.) Candidate answers a cell phone or text during the interview: 68 percent
3.) Candidate appears arrogant or entitled: 60 percent
4.) Candidate dresses inappropriately: 50 percent
5.) Candidate swears: 50 percent

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