The Lakes Of Paducah – FAQS

Question 1:  Do you offer plenty of opportunity for social activities?

                Answer 1: Yes, we do.  Residents in our community can easily socialize with peers, not only in common areas such as the lounge and dining room, but also during activities that include; arts and crafts, Bingo, trivia, shopping trips, entertainment and other outings.

Question 2: Do you offer a structured dining program?

                 Answer 2:  Yes.  A structured dining program allows us to provide delicious, nutritionally adequate meals, three times a day, 365 days a year.  Proper nutrition is one of the key components to healthful aging.  At The Lakes of Paducah, we consider it a top priority.

Question 3:  Do you help with activities of daily living?

                Answer 3:. Yes.  One of the most basic tenets of Assisted Living is helping with ADLs so that our residents can continue to function as independently as possible.  Examples of ADLs include; grooming, dressing, bathing, transfers, toileting, and medication reminders.

Question 4: Do you provide housekeeping and transportation?

Answer 4: When a senior lives at home, these day to day responsibilities often fall on the caregiver.  When you live in an assisted living community, it’s all taken care of.  We also provide assistance with other instrumental activities of daily living such as laundry service, clerical assistance and shopping.

Question 5: What are the major differences between assisted living and skilled nursing home care?

Answer 5: In assisted living, our residents must be ambulatory or mobile non-ambulatory; they must be able to self medicate with medication reminders; they must not be a danger to themselves or to others.  Assisted living communities do not provide medical services, however, we will assist the resident in coordinating with their primary care physicians, and other providers, to monitor their overall wellness.

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