Hazardous driving conditions throughout west Kentucky

"There’s still plenty of hazardous driving to be had out here," says Keith Todd, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

However, it’s better than what was expected.

Todd says crews were out early pretreating the roads with salt.

"That sort of helped keep the ice and snow from bonding to the pavement," says Todd.

That makes the job easier for snow plows clearing off Interstate 24, but as the wind is creating additional problems for drivers like T.C. Bush.

"I-24 had patches that were a little slick," says Bush. "I would recommend everyone use caution out on the roads today."

"You maybe driving on fairly clear pavement and then pop over a hill, and there maybe an extended slick spot due to the snow blowing back across the roadway," says Todd.

In western Kentucky alone, there are about 90 KYTC snow plows covering nearly 3,000 miles of roadways making sure conditions are safe for drivers.

"We have seen a few spin outs here and there and some slide offs," says Todd.

Todd says crews are doing all they can to make sure things like that don’t happen.

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