Graves Co Precinct training for wet/dry vote goes on despite weather

Winter weather can create delays but some deadlines have to be made regardless of conditions. Cold conditions outside the Graves County courthouse couldn’t chase away dozens of volunteers from precinct training Saturday.

Several Graves County employees and elected officials volunteered rides to help people make training Saturday morning. County Clerk Barry Kennemore says he didn’t want to postpone it.

“I’ve got several people that have to work Monday. They take a day off from work and they have it scheduled on Election Day, and I appreciate that, but I hate to ask them to take off two days.

The wet dry election is Tuesday.

‘I’m required by law to train people. So you, know we’ve got to train them,” Kennemore said.

Those who came on their own had it better than drivers Friday night. Strong winds caused snowdrifts which can stop your car and block your vision.

“Some of the snowdrifts, we couldn’t even go through them, they were too high, even for our 4 wheel drive trucks to go through,” Kennemore said.

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon stayed up most of the night Friday helping with wrecks.

“Some of the roads were freezing back up over, but the drifting was a main part,” Redmon said.

He says some snowdrifts were 8 ft. high

“In 30 more minutes you couldn’t even tell it had been plowed because the wind was just picking the snow back up and bringing it right back across the road again,” Redmon said.

The weekends, sunny rays are helping make road conditions better for drivers who have to go out.

Monday at 3:30 pm is the alternate time for training for precinct volunteers at the courthouse. Polls open Tuesday at 6 a.m. for the wet dry vote. You just need to be registered to vote.

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