Survey finds Kentucky grocery prices fell 7.5 percent in 2015

Kentucky Farm Bureau says the average price of groceries in Kentucky decreased 7.5 percent in 2015. 

The bureau say’s it’s Marketbasket Survey is a quarterly survey of the average total cost of 40 basic grocery items. The bureau says the average price fell 1.8 percent from $121.64 recorded in the third quarter to $119.43, a drop of $2.21.

That decline marks the fourth quarter in a row where retail food prices have fallen in Kentucky, the bureau says. Overall, the cost of the surveyed items fell $9.71 or 7.5 percent since the beginning of 2015. The organization says that continued drop contrasts with increases indicated in all four 2014 Marketbasket surveys.

About the specifics of the 2015 survey, KFB said in a news release Monday: 

"In KFB’s fourth quarter Marketbasket Survey, price decreases were denoted in three of the six surveyed categories, which include beef, pork and dairy, while slight increases occurred in the poultry, grains, and fruits and vegetables categories. The most notable decrease came from pork which experienced an eight percent decline followed by dairy with a 5.8 percent drop. The price of ham dropped an average of $.82 per pound during the fourth quarter while cheddar cheese declined $.73 in price for a one pound package. T-bone steaks also dropped by an average of $.69 per pound during the same period.

The most prominent increases came in the grains category which saw a rise of 4.2 percent followed by poultry with a 3.4 percent increase. Chicken breast rose by $.21 per pound, while whole milk jumped $.06 per gallon."

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