Ask A Candidate: Buzz VonTesmar says he’ll be a full-time mayor if elected

We spoke to Paducah mayoral candidate Buzz VonTesmar for our Ask a Candidate series. VonTesmar says Paducah has gotten worse since the last election.

He shared his thoughts with us, beginning with city spending. “They’re basically throwing $40 million of my money into the river is the way I see it,” he said.

He’s talking about the riverfront development project. Although he believes something should be done to fix the area, he said he thinks spending is out of control. "We’re building like a $20 million-plus for a transient boat dock, and we don’t have transient boats,” VonTesmar said.

VonTesmar said he believes that money could be better spent generating jobs and revenue, and that, if elected, he would develop empty property downtown. He’s owned a heating and air business in the city for more than a decade. He says believes he has the skills to better the city and help it grow.

“Nobody knows we’re here because there’s no push to get people here, and I’d be that person,” VonTesmar said. He says his mission would be to "sell" Paducah.

A good marketing strategy would do it, he says, and get residents and businesses to the area.

He did agree with the city leaders’ stance on not giving retail business incentives to retail developer Sansone group last year. “’All they’re trying to do it pad their pocketbook, and make it easier,” he said.

If elected, VonTesmar says he’d be a full-time mayor and will always be accessible in city hall during business hours.

He has a pretty firm plan for city hall, too: to keep it. He says repairing the building is much more effective than rebuilding. 

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