Graves County investigating Paducah police for shots fired

The Graves County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the Paducah Police Department for shots fired. This, after they received a report of two .308 caliber bullets that hit someone’s home.

Graves County sheriff’s deputies responded Wednesday to a home on West Vaughn Road. Not far from that home, they found three Paducah police officers target practicing in a gravel pit with high powered rifles. The sheriff’s office says it’s a shooting that needs investigating no matter who fired the shots.

Men who work in construction live and die by their tools, but Paul Hayden never thought one of his tools would save his life.

"When I found the hole in the ladder is when I realized how much danger I was in," Hayden says.

Hayden says what sounded like explosions took him by surprise, but the damage from the bullets could have claimed much more. That’s because he was carrying a ladder at the right time, at the right angle to deflect a bullet that would have greatly injured him.

Two bullets were fired. One was found in the bottom of the window, where the second ricocheted and hit the siding.

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says they checked the area twice for shooters and only found three Paducah police officers. "We’re not saying for sure that it was Paducah police officers, that it was their bullets that went through this house at all," he says.

Redmon says whether the Paducah Police Department is the party responsible, the sheriff’s department does not suspect any criminal charges to come.

Hayden wants to know who the person responsible is while he tries to shake the feeling of being fired at. "It’s not a good feeling. It’s different. I don’t like it."

But he’ll never get rid of what he now calls his new friend: that ladder.

We did reach out to Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill, and he says he would be very surprised if his men were the ones responsible for several reasons.Barnhill says his on-duty officers were 1.2 miles away from the house, and there were several hills in the area. Barnhill says, according to protocol ,his officers accounted for every shot during practice, but his department will help get to the bottom of this.

"You never say never, but it’s highly unlikely that these rounds came from any of our weapons," Barnhill says.

Redmon told me he plans to take the rifles and the bullets to Frankfort to be analyzed, but it will take about three weeks to get results from those reports.

Barnhill says it is normal for his officer to practice in Graves County because they do have permission from that private property.

If the Graves County Sheriff’s Office finds Paducah police responsible, they will be responsible for the damage to the home.

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