Engineering students send thousands of books to Africa

 Boxes holding thousands and thousands of pounds of books were being shipped to Africa Saturday. 20,000 pounds of books to be exact are going to children in Cameroon, Africa for a literacy program.

University of Kentucky Chemical Engineering, Paducah Campus students spent over a year collecting textbooks. Many of the books came from the high schools that consolidated into the McCracken County High School. Junior Chandni Joshi says it’s a humbling experience giving fellow students the resources to learn.

“We’ve gotten the opportunity to travel and see the needs of the communities in other countries and just knowing how much these books will assist them in their education their futures,” Joshi said.

She knows firsthand how important these books are for those students in Africa. She grew up in India.

“I’ve seen some of the challenges that are faced by these children in developing countries and I’ve actually lived them,” Joshi said.

Associate Professor Jeffrey Seay says it’s helping broaden students’ perspectives of the world.

“A lot of the students that we’ve taken overseas, it’s their first time even on an airplane and so they get to see other cultures and see  a lot of the things that we take for granted here,” Seay said

Seay said the students worked hard finding donors and taking their trucks to different high schools bring back loads of books. Students also spent time finding donors to help pay for shipping the books.

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