Emergency level blood shortage, American Red Cross needs donors

The American Red Cross needs your blood donations. Our last winter storm, which hit a little over a week ago, cancelled more than 300 blood drives along southern and eastern parts of the U.S.

Dozens donated Sunday to help with the shortage at the Ohio Valley Baptist Church in Ledbetter, Ky. Donor Recruiter Anthony Tinin says they were already at low supply because of the holidays.

"When we are in emergency need that means the blood is going out to the hospitals just as quickly we get it in," Tinin.

Tinin says since January 1st, 9,000 blood donations have been missed because of bad weather.

"We need to see people donate every day because there are burn victims, accident victims, there are people that are suffering with cancer treatment or having a surgery that needs transfusions every day," Tinin said.

He says donating blood is a small sacrifice that can help several people.

"Whole blood, we are able to separate that out into 3 different parts. The red blood cells, the platelets, and the plasma. So, different people’s needs are being met by that one donation," Tinin said.

Jim Park, who goes to Ohio Valley Baptist Church, says it’s the community’s duty to donate.

"’I’m donating because I’m giving forward. The blood donations will help save lives and that’s what we’re taught to do, to give.  So we can give in many ways, giving blood is just another way to give," Park said.

Below are some area blood drives next week:

Monday, Feb 1 First Christian Church in Paducah from 11:30-5:30
Wednesday, Feb 3-Reidland Church of Christ from 3:30-7:30
Wednesday, Feb 3-Livingston Hospital and Healthcare Services in Salem from 12:30-4:30
Thursday, Feb 4-Calvary Baptist Church in Princeton from 12:00-6:00.

Visit redcrossblood.org for other blood drive more listings in your area.  

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