Ask A Candidate: Arthur Baskin says he’ll focus on families, businesses if elected

Monday marks our last Ask a Candidate profile. We end our series with Arthur Baskin, who says he’ll make the city a bit more family friendly if he’s elected.

He’s spent his whole life in the city that he loves. Baskin says he’s running for mayor because people are leaving, and he thinks the city isn’t doing enough to keep them here.

“We have steadily declined year after year, and there is no reason for it. This is a wonderful city,” Baskin said. He tells us he’s make efforts to get good paying jobs to Paducah. A good place to start, Baskin says, is putting family first. “I’m very aware of families and what they go through.”

He works in youth services and has a family of his own. He says as a father and citizen of Paducah, he knows others will set roots here when they see what Paducah has to offer.

Baskin says he gives the city a B minus, because of the businesses and people who have left. “You see closed areas in the mall, everywhere down the whole mall, where businesses have left.”

On city projects, like city hall renovation, Baskin says he’s for the most cost-effective option. He says the city does need a modern uplift, but without taking away from its historical features. He says it’s too soon for him to chime in on riverfront development.

The primary for Paducah mayor is May 17.

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