Local shelter works to adopt out more animals

The Crittenden County Animal Shelter used to receive $3,000 a year from the state for spaying and neutering animals. Now Crittenden County Judge Executive Perry Newcom says it will only receive $660 in state grants this year, after cuts are made.

The shelter costs about $80,000 to run. The costs are split between the three counties it serves. 

Dozens of animals under one roof are more than enough to keep animal control officer Timmy Todd busy 24/7. "It never stops. I sit at home at 12 o’clock or 1 in the morning, and have to get up and go get one," Todd said.

Lyon County, Crittenden County and Livingston County only have this shelter and a no-kill nonprofit, the Mary Hall Ruddiman Canine Shelter, to rely on to take in stray or unwanted animals.

Todd says five kennels were filled at the county shelter on Monday alone. His numbers show in January it had about 70 come in, but it’s also starting to push more out. With less funding from the state, the shelter has been making a push to get more animals adopted out or rescued by no-kill shelters.

"Nobody likes to see them euthanized. When you got 50 to 60 dogs in here, you have to do something. Nobody wants to see them euthanized or put down, so we find rescues to take them," Todd said.

The county shelter’s numbers show more than 50 animals left the shelter last month. It now only has about 20 animals. Kristi Beavers manages the area’s no-kill shelter and does her best to take in animals from the county when it has room.

"It just breaks my heart to know there’s so many out there that don’t find homes and end up being euthanized," Beavers said.

Todd says the shelter will continue taking part in adoption events in the hopes of saving more lives.

If you want to help both, the county shelter and the nonprofit can use volunteers. They also can use monetary donations or supplies, like blankets and cleaning supplies.

If you’re interested in adopting, volunteering or making a donation, head to the Crittenden County Animal Shelter or the Mary Hall Ruddiman Canine Shelter.

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