Digital tools to help you choose who to vote for

The presidential election season is just getting started and, if you’re un­decided or on the fence, Google has introduced a new tool to help you decide.

Starting now: if you search for a candidate, enter their name in the search bar, and the results will show you what the candidates have said before about any and all issues. It shows where they stand on issues such as immigration, national security, and about a dozen others important to voters.

In those results, Google shows you quotes from the candidate.

You know what you believe, but which candidate believes it too? Voter is an iPhone only app that asks key questions of you, then matches you with the candidate who agrees most. It’s like Tinder for politics. First, the app will tell you which side of the party fence you’re on. Then, it matches you with a candidate. ­­­

Candidates talk a lot, make lots of claims and and point lots of fingers. Who’s telling the truth? Check it out at the website or app called Politifact. It’s a fact checker on just about everything a candidate says, whether it’s true, partly true, no truth at all, or in some cases, "liar liar pants on fire". ­­­­

And for a bit of fun, there’s Floppy Candidate from the Washington Post. Play the popular Floppy Bird as a presidential candidate. Navigate the candidate through Washington landmarks by tapping the screen. It’s fun and addictive. You can tap the screen for the latest news from the Washington Post. The app is free, and is a nice break from the rhetoric. 

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