Family Resource and Youth Services Coalition could soon face cuts

From preschool to graduation day, the Family Resource and Youth Services Coalition of Kentucky makes sure nothing hinders your child from learning. Their services range from food to counseling, but those services could be in for a major change.

Under Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed budget, the program would take a hit of 9 percent over the next two years. The program gets a set amount of money from the Department of Education. Then, they divide that to centers based on how many students are eligible for free lunch. Right now they get about $172 per student. If the budget cut passes, it could be around $150.

Tana Jones has been helping students for 21 years as a resource coordinator. Jones says this really isn’t a job to her. Friday, she and her sixth grade ambassadors prepared weekend meals for 60 Wingo Elementary students that might not have food otherwise.

”The programs that we provide, the things that we get to the kids, they primarily comes from the community,” she said. Kentucky Youth Services Coalition President Brian Akers says the bulk of state funding goes to pay the 823 center coordinator’s like Jones.

“I think that it would probably even reduce the ability to keep some centers open because they wouldn’t have enough to maintain a coordinator’s salary,” Akers added.

The budget for the organization is $52 million. Akers is concerned that 8,000 more student are projected to become eligible for free lunches with a smaller budget to offer help. They are vetting a survey to present the legislature with to help their cause. If you’d like to take that survey, click here.

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