FEMA, IEMA assess damage from flooding

Families in Alexander County continue to feel the effects of floodwaters. As FEMA and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency make their way through the county Friday assessing the damage, local families slowly work toward rebuilding.

Things are drying out in Hodges Park, but Eli and Michelle Maupin say they’ll never forget how fast the flood waters came up just a few weeks ago.

"We got all of our stuff in a boat. And our friend BJ and my brother brought his boat, and we got everything out of the house. And we got it all the way to the top of the hill over there before we could get out,” said Eli.

Those waters have since gone down, but the damage left behind is extreme. Flood water is still dripping out of the drywall in people’s homes. Maupin says he tried to clean up and put his hand on the wall, only to find it went right through.

Patti Thompson with IEMA says her crew and FEMA are out assessing the damage to homes like the Maupins’ to see if they’ll qualify for any federal flood aid.

"We’ll be putting all this information together with nine other counties we are doing the assessing in to get a better picture of whether or not we may qualify for federal assistance," Thompson said.

Federal flood aid or not, the Maupins say they’ve had enough.

"We’re hopefully going to look for another place, because we don’t want to go through another flood again,” Eli said.

They say they plan on packing up and moving out before any floodwaters can come back up.

IEMA and FEMA crews will finish assessing their state damage reports in the coming days, Thompson said.  In a few weeks, they’ll determine if the state meets the threshold for a disaster declaration and federal flood aid.

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