KSP Post 2 announces checkpoint locations

Kentucky State Police Post 2 says it will conduct traffic safety checkpoints in its district throughout the month of February.  It has released a list of checkpoint locations.


KY 91 at the KY 139 intersection

KY 126 at the KY 672 intersection

US 62 at the Lyon County line


US 41 at the KY 800 intersection

KY 91 at the KY 1026 intersection

KY 107 at the KY 1682 intersection

KY 507 at the KY 508 intersection

KY 109 at the M.J. Boyd intersection


KY 297 at the US 60 intersection

US 641 at the Crayne Post Office

US 60 at the KY 365 intersection 

KY 91 at the KY135 intersection 


US 62 at the KY 813 intersection

US 41 at the US 62 intersection

US 41 at the KY 112 intersection

US 41A at the KY 630 intersection

KY 70 at the KY 109 intersection


US 431 at the KY 176 intersection

KY 181 at the KY 601 intersection 

US 431 at the KY 70 (Browder) intersection

KY 189 at the KY 70 (Front Street) intersection 

KY 81 at the KY 181 intersection


US 79 at the KY 102 intersection

KY 181 at the KY 507 intersection

KY 181 at the Chestnut Road intersection


US 41 at the KY 56 intersection

US 41A at the KY 56 / KY 873 intersection

US 41A at the Ken Williams Road intersection

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